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Japanese Language Training

Japanese language training is one of the main services of the Shinkansen Foreign Language School since it was founded. It has been focusing on Japanese language training and in the leading position for more than ten years in Northeast of China. As a local institution in Shenyang, it has been unanimously recognized by the majority of students. It’s always the consensus of students to study Japanese at Shinkansen.

Professional Chinese and Foreign Teachers

Our school has a team of highly qualified Chinese and foreign teachers teaching with the original "Shinkansen Japanese Language Teaching Method".

Special Classes according to student’s character

Our school provide a variety of classes such as Study Abroad Japanese, Hobby Japanese, Japanese Examination, and Business Japanese and so on.

Zero based Japanese to level N1, more than 95% students qualified.

In order to ensure that students can pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N1 and level N2, the school first promotes the legally valid “N1 and N2 Guarantee Agreements” in the Northeast of China therefore ensuring students to achieve the desired Japanese proficiency level successfully.

Free to provide one-stop study abroad in Japan services.

There is no need to find an agent and without charge for our students to go to study in Japan for we have special consultant responsible for study abroad services at our school, which leads students a no agent to go abroad.

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