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Founded in 2005, Shinkansen Education Group is a comprehensive group approved by the Shenyang Municipal Education Bureau. It is specializing in language training, studying abroad, overseas employment, and domestic and overseas tourism services. With member companies of Shenyang Shinkansen Foreign Language School and Shenyang Zhengtong Jiayi Education Consulting. Ltd., Shenyang 21st Century Jiayi Study Abroad Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhengtong Foreign Trade & Labor Service Cooperation Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhengtong International Travel Service Co., Ltd., it is provide one stop services for the students with four modules of “training, study abroad, employment and tourism”. It has been established: Foreign Trade & Labor Service Cooperation Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch and Chengdu Naleijiayi Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch under the control of Liaoning Zhengtong Employment. Over the years, the company has been actively involved in international cultural exchanges and is committed to the export of talents. As the line of Shinkansen in Japan, the Shinkansen Education Group delivers a large number of outstanding talents to the world's first-tier universities and foreign-related jobs every year with safe, correct, comfortable and fast service, and builds a solid bridge for the students to go abroad.

Under the care of the leaders of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and with the strong support of relevant state departments, Shinkansen Education Group has stood out in the field of training and talent output with its intimate service, advanced teaching concepts and perfect overseas services. With the reputation earned, the company has been an image for language training and overseas study and employment in the Northeast of China.

In the future, the Group will continue to actively participate in the international cultural education and exchanges, and witness the growth and bright future of more students. The company will strive to achieve the goal of “promoting international exchanges and building a century-old brand”.

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