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 Skinkansen Foreign Language School

The Shinkansen Foreign Language School, a subsidiary of the Shinkansen Education Group, is a professional foreign language training school funded by Japan Modern Industrial Co., Ltd. and the China Glory Society Japan Promotion Association. It was formally established in 2005 under the approval of the Shenyang Municipal Education Bureau and the Shenyang Civil Affairs Bureau. It is a specialized Japanese-language educational institution that aims to training students enter Japanese higher education institutions and Japanese companies fast and effectively.

The special services of “Japanese Guarantee”and “No Agent Study Abroad”was first launched by our school and this made the school earned the reputation of a professional model that provide“Japanese Training- Japanese Study Abroad- Japanese Employment-Japanese Tourist”one-stop services.

Zero-based students can achieve the N1 level using the "Shinkansen Japanese Language Teaching Method" created by the Japanese Language Education through one year study. While ensuring effective and qualified test abilities, we strive to make it easy and enjoyable for students to learn pure, standard, natural and beautiful modern Japanese, and to fully grasp the practical ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. And in order to meet different needs of students, we have full-time classes, as well as amateur classes such as grading class, business Japanese class, oral Japanese class, and happy Japanese class.