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Study Abroad in Japan

There are about 140,000 international students go to study in Japan every year. The Japanese government has launched the “300,000 International Student Program”, which plans to increase the number of international students to 300,000 by 2020. There are about 90,000 Chinese student accounting for more than 60% among the 140,000 people studied in Japan . Japan attracts students with its high scientific and technological ability and education level, more scholarships that is more than 60% of international students can apply for scholarships, rich animation and film cultures. Another reason to attract for Chinese students is that, Japan is close to China which reassures parents.

Study abroad in Japan is one of our main services . Our consultants can provide you with admission requirements, popular majors and schools in Japan. Offer you a one stop Study abroad service with Exclusive study plan + customized research plan.

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