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Study Abroad in America

The 21st Century Jiayi Study Abroad Company has been focusing on American Universities application since it was established. It is provide one stop study abroad services on standard English Tests training and school application. Implementing the 'Overseas Admissions Consultant' model we provide tailoring study plan for our students through deepening the interest and potential of the students, providing background enhancement therefore helping a large number of Chinese students to realize their dream of famous schools, even winning the famous Ivy League schools and other famous universities around the world.

As one of the first agencies to provide American study abroad services, the 21st Century, Jiayi Study Abroad won an excellent reputation among parents, students and foreign institutions, and established friendly cooperative relations with many American institutions in the United States.

Language training instructors, domestic and abroad senior experts, experienced consultants team together assist in the whole application process of students. Among which TOP30 American Universities admission officers give advice on the application procedures, language training instructors are responsible for improving students' English proficiency, overseas consultants help students on their personal statement and other paper works on application. With rich working experiences and friend sourcing our consultants help students to grow and become a winner.

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