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 Liaoning Zhengtong International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Liaoning Zhengtong International Travel Service Co., Ltd., backed by Shinkansen Education Group, relies on its strong human and financial advantages to bring together provide regular tourism, business visits, educational research, cultural exchanges, medical examinations, large-scale exhibition receptions and so on.

"The administration was functioning, people were harmonious and all neglected tasks were being undertaken" originated from Fan Zhongyan’s "Notes on the Yueyang Tower" which praise the peaceful country and rich life. Liaoning Zhengtong International Travel Service, in the name of “Zhengtong”, takes the hope of national prosperity and the people powerful, it strives to bring the most perfect and considerate services to the people of Liaoning area.

Zhengtong insist on "rigorous, modest, efficient" services to build the most powerful international community in the Northeast.