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   Skinkansen Education is based on talent and quality.
Focusing on doing business with a conscience, we will be better in future.

  • Shinkansen Foreign Language School was established.
  • At that time study abroad was a nuisance for mainland students, fear and eager. We promoted the “one stop study abroad service” without charge and in the en, our hard works has been paid back with good reputation of the market.
  • We officially became an education group instead
    of a training institution, and we have the
    qualification to issue a “nationally recognized
    qualification”. In the same year, we established
    a three-year full-time vocational education college
    – Tieling Shinkansen Foreign Language School.
  • The concept of “Sign and Guarantee” was first promoted, and the first “Japanese N1 Level Guarantee Course” was set up by our school. Go to Skinkansen to study Japanese has become a consensus for students at that year.
  • Skinkansen decided to set up campuses across the country. We are determined to share outstanding education resources and the advanced education concepts with more students.
  • The number of students of Skinkansen has reached 100000. This is an milestone for us, and many overseas students send their best wishes.
  • Liaoning Zhengtong set up Guangzhou Branch in order to provide better services for the talents across guangzhou and its nearby areas.
  • Liaoning Zhengtong Foreign Trade & Labor Service Cooperation Co., Ltd. join us. It offers overseas employment information; consulting; agent services and so on.
  • We are more passionate and constantly improve our teaching system. At that year 21st century Jiayi Study Abroad Joined us.
  • We discovered that, the needs of language education has evolved from using to learning itself.
  • Liaoning Zhengtong Chengdu Naleijiayi Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was officially established.
  • Liaoning Zhengtong International Travel Service Co., Ltd. join us. Therefore we realized the one-stop service of “training, study abroad, employment and tourism”.
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