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The 29th Japan Study Abroad Education Exhibition of Shinkansen Education has come to a successful conclusion!

April 22nd

Shinkansen Education Group

The 29th Japan Study Abroad Education Exhibition

Completing the curtain


On site, Japanese school teachers and teachers from Shinkansen

And classmates and parents

Having a busy and enjoyable day

Everyone bring themselves

Satisfied with the study abroad plan and returned


Let's review the exciting scene together


Exhibition arrangement

Prepare to welcome guests

desk
Consultation site

Consultation site

Consultation site

Study Abroad Briefing by the Japanese Consulate in Shenyang

Tiktok live broadcast

Kwai live broadcast

On site food area


Waiting for the lottery

Memorial Award
Lucky First Prize
Group photo of exhibitor teachers

Group photo of Shinkansen employees

Thank you to the admissions teachers who have come all the way and worked hard

Thank you to the students and parents who trust us

Study abroad early, Shinkansen is the best!

We'll see you next time!

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