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Shinkansen Education held a Staff Meeting

The HR Department of the company held a staff meeting at the main campus, Tiexi Campus and 21st Century Study Abroad separately in December this year. The purpose of the meeting is to express yourself freely, talk about work, life, work environment, post, and difficulties encountered in daily work, then solve the problems on meeting or record it and solve later. Everyone questioned about the problems they concerned and expressed their own opinions and made suggestions for the development of the company. Through this meeting, we learned more about the business status and future development of the company, standardized work responsibility and emphasized rules implementation, and improved information sharing between each department.

The staff meeting is a company’s culture activity and an important expression of employees' participation in democratic management. It promotes communication between enterprises and employees, therefore enhancing corporate cohesion and increasing employee’s participation. Discovering problems , fix it and further clarify the direction of the company development.

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