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We have been invited to attend the National Day Reception of

The Japan Consulate General, Shenyang held a reception at Shangri-LA Shenyang in Dec.11. Mr.Gao Ke, the vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Liaoning Province; Mr. Ying Zhongyuan, the Office Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Liaoning Provincial Government; persons in charge of the Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province and Heilongjiang Province; representatives from other consulates in Shenyang, Sino-Japanese Friendship Group and entrepreneurs attended. It is our honor to be invited as one of the only education institution.

The Consul General Mr. Chuanshang Wenbo made a speech

Mr. Chuanshang Wenbo the Consul General mentioned in the speech that, it is the 40th anniversary of the concluding of Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China, and also 40th anniversary of China reform and opening-up. It is a memorable year for we have organized a lot of activities this year.

He said that he has exchanged views with the Liaoning Provincial Government, Shenyang Municipal Government, Japanese invested enterprises, and Japanese local government; and attended the "Japan-China Economic Cooperation Conference" held in Sapporo, since he came to Shenyang office in this October. He felt the great enthusiasm from the three provinces in northeast of China in strengthening the economic relations with Japan. As the Consul General, he will sincerely listen to the voices of Northeastern Chinese, permanent residence in Japan and Japanese invested enterprises, and strive to communicate with them. He will do his best for the Northeastern China and Japan relationship development, and wish to get the support and assistant from the audience as always.

The Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Liaoning Province, Gao Ke made a speech

The Vice Chairman Gao Ke said that China and Japan are both located in Northeast of Asia, and has a long history of relationship. And we have been the important economic and trade partners since the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1972. The Liaoning Province will strengthen its corporation with other countries, and deepen its friendship and corporation with Japan in the following days. It will work together with the Japan Consulate General, Shenyang to make good use of the great advantages in economic complementary , large corporation opportunity to make great contribution on the development of the long-term, stable and win-win relationships between China and Japan.

Photo of Principle Da Ye and Miss Chen of Shinkansen Education


Photo of Miss Chen and Miss Li of Shinkansen Education

Miss Li introduce our business to the Consul General Mr. Chuanshang Wenbo and Vice Chairman Gao Ke


Mr. Zhou, the Chairman of Shinkansen Education talk with Mr. Chuanshang Wenbo, the Consul General

The 22 Japanese invested enterprises, organizations and “Japanese six counties one city”exchanged their ideas on aging, health, service and tourism at the reception. There is also food and sake which made of delicious Japanese rice for the guests to enjoy.

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