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The “Common Culture Festival” of Shinkansen Foreign Langu

November is culture festival in Japan and many high schools and universities will organize cultural activities.

Therefore, the students of class 803, 805 and 807 from Shenyang Shinkansen Huanggu Campus held a “common culture festival”at 3pm, Nov.2.


Mr. Anbu announced the three purposes for this event at first:

First, “Communication”. Through communication to deepen students’ friendship.

Second, “Courage”. Although a bit nervous at first, students still have the courage to perform then.

Third, “Teamwork”. Help each other, get the honor together.


Then Miss Li Shuang as the host introduced the performance list.

The host of Li Shuang

The first performance was Bai Ning, his song was sweetly and exciting.

Bai Ning

The following was Chinese Martial Arts by Zheng Qilong, a really powerful martial arts.

Zheng Qilong

The magic show by Liu Jincheng and Wu Tong were incredible.

Liu Jincheng and Wu Tong

The song of “Full of Tears”by Me Yiyi was warm and pleasant.

Me Yiyi

Cong Meng sang a song of “Little hand in your big hand”and gave us an explanation of her painting. She is a talented student.

Cong Meng

The song of “The next Queen”by Yang Yanmeng was really fresh and sweet.

Yang Yanmeng

The last was a national dance of “A glass of sweet wine”by Me Yiyi. She is such a music major student, as her song and dance was so beautiful.

Me Yiyi

Except performances, students also played Binggo and other interesting games with Principle of Daye.


The students gave us a wonderful performance! It is so amazing as everyone is so versatile. Hope other students to join us next time.

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