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Shinkansen Foreign Language Tiexi Campus Weekend Conversatio

Hello everyone, how is your weekend?

Watching TV, playing games, shopping or sleeping at home?

There is a difference for the winners.

They always have a meaningful weekend instead of dream away the hours.

They always do the following things on weekend:


2. reading

3. body building

4. things they are interested in

5. enriching themselves


An effective weekend may change your life.


Should you use the weekend to improve your Japanese?

Here I’d like to recommend the conversation course at Tiexi Campus for you. Spend your weekend meaningfully thus gives you a bright future.

Feature of the course

1. Class by foreign teachers

Learn pure Japanese teaching by native speakers.

Our foreign teachers will correct your accent and makes you speak like a native.


2.less but better

Our teacher will give student a one-by-one guidance during the group class according to each student’s Japanese proficiency.


3. Rich Curriculum

We have really rich contents on each class. For example, daily conversation; business conversation; interview tips; speaking practice; appreciation of Japanese movies and animations; writing sample; News in Japan etc.


4. Low tuition but high quality

It is usually expensive to take class on foreign teachers as we called the VIP course at normal Japanese school.

Although we provide VIP services, our tuition fee is low but with high quality.

5.Convenient in transportation.

It is just one minute away from the Tiexi Square station. And cross the school, there is a shopping mall called “Mix C”.

Are you touched? Waiting for you at Shinkansen Tiexi Campus.


Time: Every Saturday and Sunday

Class time: 13:30-16:00

Location: Shinkansen School Tiexi Campus (No.85 E. Jianshe Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang)

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