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Strategic Cooperation Signing News Conference of SEKIDO and

The strategic cooperation signing News conference of SEKIDO and Shinkansen Education was held at Shenyang Shangri-La on the morning of May 7, 2019.

Jiang Xiaoqin, former vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Liaoning Province; Sun Delan, General Secretary of Liaoning Provincial Foreign Friendship Association; Qiu Yue, director of the Liaison Office of the Foreign Affairs Office of Liaoning Provincial Government; Wang Wei, General Secretary of Shenyang Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Cheng Yingxin, Dean of Foreign Languages College of Bohai University; Wang Lige, Dean of Liaoning Agricultural College; Liu Lina of Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Zheng Siyi, President of Hokkaido Bank Shenyang Branch; Mr. Hashimoto of All Nippon Airways Shenyang Branch; and Leaders from Human Resource and Social Security Bureau; Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province; and the State Taxation Administration; NetEase, Sina, Sohu, Tencent Liaoning, Headlines Today, Qiaoyuan Magazine, Liaoning Economic Broadcasting, Shenyang Daily, and Liaoning TV, witnessed this important moment.

Mr. Guan Yu, President of SEKIDO Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhou Bin, General Manager of Shinkansen Education, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “Talents for Specialty in Luxury Sales Program”. The president Guan Hu said that there are 14 branches of "GINZALOVELOVE" in Japan. The number of Chinese employees is increasing year after year according to the increasing demand in import trade. SEKIDO welcome talents special in sales no matter what their nationality is. It is necessary to improve the working and living environment for our employees while becoming a company that can hire excellent talents.

Mr. Zhou Bin said that he is honored to be a partner of SEKIDO Co., Ltd., a well-known Japanese listed company, we have the same business philosophy by coincidence. I hope that this cooperation will promote the talent exchange, interaction and training between China and Japan.

SEKIDO Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 and listed in 2000. It is a well-known luxury chain sales company in Japan and around the world with a number of sales store in Japan. Shinkansen Education was established in 1998. The company provides one-stop service for students in “training, study abroad, employment, tourism”and is committed to "going out." There are branches located in Shenyang and Guangzhou. Chengdu, Dalian, Dandong, Fuxin and other cities.

The successful of this“Talents for Specialty in Luxury Sales Program” will mean that SEKIDO Co., Ltd. and Shinkansen Education Group have taken a solid step toward globalization in terms of talent exchange. Practiced the spirit of China’s open strategy, adapted to the needs of the international market as well as provided a new way for talents flow. We believe that the strong alliance between SEKIDO and Shinkansen Education is the future in growth of talent exchange between China and Japan.

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